Review and Report: The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman at Berlinale by Jessica

published 14 February 2013
written by Jessica

Jessica (1)Jessica was the lucky winner of two tickets for the International Premiere of The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman from our fan competition, and here are her story and thoughts about the film:

“Two weeks ago I had no idea I was going to Germany to attend a film premiere of our Rupert. Everything happened so quickly, I decided to buy my flight ticket without knowing if I was going to be at the screening. Luckily, thanks to the girls on I had the chance to watch the film. First off, it was very nice to meet them. It was great to see who were behind this awesome Rupert’s fan page. And I want to say thanks because I really enjoyed attending the premiere.

Unfortunately on the other hand, I did not get Rupert’s autograph, nor the chance to talk to him for a few seconds. But it did not matter, especially when he is a very kind person and apologized for not giving enough autographs, or at least that was what I felt. xD

Jessica (2)Now, talking about the film, I won’t mention any spoilers but I must say that it is not my favourite film of his, and that’s because he doesn’t appear so much on it. But even that he’s not the main character he definitely shows his acting skills with a completely different role (Karl), I hope you all have the chance to watch this film, it’s interesting, enjoyable and amusing to see him on it! I won’t say why though ;). And by the way I can’t wait to see his upcoming projects!”

We’re glad you had a great time, Jessica!

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