Review: ‘Cherrybomb’ by Neglo

published 25 February 2009
written by Neglo

The night before the screening I barely had some sleep. You can imagine what it was like for me, lying there just a couple of hours from waking up to see Cherrybomb. This was not the trailer; this was the whole actual FILM! I think I had about one hour of sleep that night, but I helped myself with a cup of coffee (I would’ve hated myself if I snoozed at the cinema!)

We arrived at Babylon about an hour before the film and walked around the block to check it out. It felt cool that Rupert had walked there the week before. Unfortunately I couldn’t be there at the premiere, but hey, better late than never, right?

I was actually not that nervous or what you now call it (yes, if you’re a Rupert fan you know THE feeling), but that changed as soon as we sat on our seats in front of the big screen! My God. I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone in that venue heard my heartbeats. It took a while before all the seats were filled and the curtains rolled aside. Seriously, I am actually having the same sensation just by writing this. It was like pain and pleasure at the same time. I didn’t know if I wanted to scream or cry, jump or sit.

I was so happy to see all those people around me. Almost all the seats were filled (maybe they were, I didn’t pay much attention given the circumstances) but the thing that struck me good was the age difference among all the people there! My dad thought that he would be the only grown up there (don’t hate him, he didn’t know much about this film) but he was so wrong. From grandpas to teenagers I tell ya! It was such a good atmosphere there, all those people looking forward to this film.

Well, where do I begin? Should I start babbling on how oh so wonderful Rupert was on the big screen, or how he acted the shit out of pissedoff!Malachy scenes, or how he could make the devil cry with his emotional doe eyes during the sad!Malachy scenes. Or what about the cool!Malachy sniffing coke, or the famous sex scene? Well, first I have to say that…

…This film was brilliant. And I mean AWESOMELY BRILLIANT! It was such a perfect film for Rupert to do, everything in it was perfect and you’ll see in it all the things you’ve dreamt of. The movie was so artistic, from the first scene. You could see Malachy staring at some girls jumping up and down on a bouncing mat at the Leisureplex with this dreamy look on his face, while surrounded by tons of tennis balls on the floor. Yes, it might sound “huh?” to you, but if you actually saw it, you would know that this was the perfect start for the whole rollercoaster of emotions.

The film started with the end, which I really liked. I love those kinds of films, where you know the end at the beginning. You have no clue about what could’ve happened to poor Malachy sitting there in a police station all beaten up. Even though we read some spoilers before the festival, it all came as a surprise to me.
Before Michelle arrived, it was just Luke and Malachy, and you could see the friendship they shared. It was wonderful to see it, and even though Rupert initial scenes with Luke weren’t dramatic, you could see a whole new side of Rupert’s acting talent. But then Michelle arrived and set the boys’ lives in action. I have one thing to say: YOU HAVE NOT YET SEEN RUPERT ACT. Trust me. It’s not just the fangirl in me talking. I would’ve said the exact same thing if I were a straight old bloke. You have not seen him act. You just haven’t. All the scenes he was in were brilliant. It was like seeing a whole new side of Rupert. You could see him happy, sad, mad, furious, high etc.

The scenes where he was happy, it was mostly with Luke. He was very happy with Michelle too, but that’s another “happy” we’re talking about there (his acting was so good that you could even see the difference in his happy scenes). There is a scene in which Malachy gets high with Luke. They were so happy and high as kites. The scene was really awesome, and if you’ve wondered what Rupert would look like when high, this is the film you should see. I am not talking about fake high, because it didn’t look fake at all! It was perfect. It was just Malachy and Luke being Malachy and Luke. Very touching indeed.

Luke and Malachy are the opposites. Malachy has a good family situation and a really nice home while Luke’s stuck with his alcoholic father. I really liked how they presented the characters and the fact that, despite the differences between them, they still have this strong friendship that even Michelle can’t break.
Malachy’s relationship with his mother is really similar to Ben’s interaction with his mother in Driving Lessons. She is the kind of mother that makes a big deal out of stuff, and actually ends up throwing a “party” for Malachy because of his good grades. She really has her hopes up for her boy and doesn’t want him to hang out with Luke – which pisses Malachy off to the edge.

The scenes which show Luke’s relationship with his father were really emotional. They were really heartbreaking to see, and you could really forgive Luke for acting like an ass. He does have his reasons for his behaviour. Luke’s father Smiley is dealing drugs for Luke’s brother Chris. Chris doesn’t really care that much about Luke, and when Smiley leaves Luke, Chris just pats him on the back and tells him he can handle it like a man. There was one scene before Smiley left him where Luke came home finding his dad passed out on the floor with the gas on from the oven. He asks Smiley in anger if he is trying to kill himself and ends up beating him. I loved that scene because it showed how much Luke cared about his dad, even if he didn’t show it in the best way. At one point he actually referred to his dad as “just Smiley” when he spoke to Michelle. Just by those words you understood his relationship with his father. It was really intense.

The scenes with Malachy and Michelle were so brilliant. You could see the difference in Malachy when he was with Michelle. He shared some happy/horny/mad/sad moments with her. There was a scene where he was upset over Michelle leaving town. It was so sad to see those puppy eyes almost crying when he tried to convince Michelle to let him go with her. The scenes when he got pissed were very intense: you could spot Malachy’s furious eyes miles away when Luke messed with Michelle. In the big party scene Luke was really rude to Michelle at one point. He asked her to blow him too, and actually used some harsh words and a threatening body language against her. Malachy just flipped and gave him the right fist. It was so amazing to see how Rupert acted the mad, or should I say the furious side of Malachy. It was a never seen before side of Rupert. That was a big part in the “You have not yet seen Rupert act” sentence. I can’t even describe how good he was in those scenes.

Luke’s relationship with Michelle wasn’t nearly as serious as Malachy’s. Luke was just doing it all for some fun action while Malachy actually started to feel something. Luke was just trying to get her in bed for fun and didn’t really care so much about Michelle’s feelings. But this side of Luke actually attracted Michelle. She really showed interest in Luke in the beginning, but then just went more serious with Malachy – she really started to like him and his sweet personality. He wasn’t into it for just fun, he really cared about Michelle. I think that’s the reason for Michelle for actually kind of choosing Malachy in the end. Malachy was really the only man that cared about Michelle. Her relationship with her dad Crilly was a disappointment for her and she found comfort in Malachy.

Now to the famous sex scene. It was so cute and sexy at the same time. There was a very cute moment when Michelle couldn’t undo her bra and needed Malachy’s help. They shared many many kisses in and hugs in the bed. The face Rupert made when he got Michelle down there was so cute. It was not an o-face, it was just a big fat smile covering half of his face. Unfortunately Michelle’s dad interrupted them. The scene started intensely and passionately but ended humorously (the audience roaring with laughter) when Malachy just ran of after seeing Crilly. It was a really classy sex scene, and even if I know you would love to see Rupert really doing it, you will not be let down by this scene. It was perfect. It was Malachy and Michelle.

Cherrybomb is just this crazy ride that everyone should join. It’s about teenagers being teenagers. Everyone can relate to this film. Parents, teengares, everyone. They all carry a role that displays the life we live today. You will not leave the cinema bored out, trust me.

This film was one of the best I’ve seen, and my top list doesn’t involve any Rupert movies.

The acting was spot on and this is the best role Rupert has done so far. Robert Sheehan (Luke) and Kimberley Nixon (Michelle) were also brilliant, especially in their crying scenes. They all did a wonderful job with their parts, and the actors just fitted perfectly to their characters.

I was so lucky to see this film, and that’s all thanks to my dad (I love you)! It was the cherry on top of our Berlin trip, and I can’t wait for you all to see this film too. It was fantastic, it was awesome, it was the new trio, it was Cherrybomb.

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