Review: ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1’ by Tao

published 18 November 2010
written by Tao

Let me first start off by saying that despite a couple instances that we, as Ron and Rupert fans, would have loved to have seen, this by no means diminishes the movie nor what Ron/Rupert is giving us. The movie was definitely made for the fans and we Ron/Rupert fans are given so many treats that were missing in previous installments. But those of us who may not have been particularly fond of other actors performances in the past will be happy that everyone gives 110% and gives enjoyable performances.

I’ll start off first with some disappointments I personally had and as a Ron/Rupert fan I think we will probably all share. The first is sadly Ron not showing more emotion when Hermione is being tortured. It seemed if there was any it was cut out to cut the scene down. There are some good moments, however, especially with Ron yelling to Bellatrix, “The hell you will!” and proceeds to go after her. The other is Harry not telling Ron that he has no feelings for Hermione after the locket issue. While the scenes afterwards again make up for it, it’s a definite disappointment to fans.

However Ron has some amazing moments and Rupert plays them epically. There is absolutely NO disappointment. Some scenes we have seen are quite a bit longer. The Ron/Harry scene at the Burrow is a little longer giving us a little more indication as to what actually is going on. When Scrimgeour comes we actually have the trio interacting rather than just sitting there like bumps on the log. Ron being amazed by his gift from Dumbledore is hilarious. There are no two ways about it. He even gets to talk about The Beedle and the Bard – explaining it even. The Ron/Harry scene is just as epic as you see it, but the beginning of it is haunting. I don’t want to give too many spoilers away but Ron comes into the scene dramatically.

For those wondering, “always the tone of surprise” line is in there, but with a slight twist. What I mean is, later on Ron calls Hermione “amazing” and she too says “always the tone of surprise”. So instead of being one of those moments where you think Hermione talks down to Ron, it’s played beautifully and flirtatious. Oh and when Ron returns after the 7 Potters sequence, Hermione goes running to him and he’s still Harry but he changes into Ron and she stays hugging on him so no… “Let me stop hugging you!” the moment he turns into Ron.

Ron is confident. There is no one finishing his lines and he has an abundance of them. For Ron and Hermione fans, the chemistry between Rupert and Emma is the best it has ever been. There is a scene after the cafe attack where Ron is ready to just off the Death Eaters, he’s talked out of it and told they should erase their memories. So he walks up to Hermione, confidently, raises his hand to her cheek and rubs a cut on her face and says, “You should do it, you’re the best at spells.” (that may be paraphrasing a bit). It’s sweet, tender, but confident. The “hand holding” scene when they’re sleeping is there and the focus of the moment. Ron is the one to discover who R.A.B. is. There is also a very cute moment between him and Dobby who calls him “Mr. Weasley” and they shake hands. There is also a funny moment at the ministry, after they break in, Ron is still polyjuiced so the wife thinks it’s still her husband and beings to kiss him. Hermione is annoyed and jealous especially as the real Ron slowly emerges and the kiss continues.

The splinching scene is amazing. Ron convulses much like how he did in Half-Blood Prince, though no foaming at the month, but he’s actually screaming in pain, especially when Hermione puts the medicine on him. Emma is amazing actually and she’s freaking out and you can hear the worry in her voice. Ron being possessed is a slow, methodical process, but something you can see. Rupert has always been good at acting with his eyes so this is something you see again… his face begins sinking in and his eyes just go a bit crazy.

When Ron rescues Harry you don’t actually know it’s him because you don’t see him, but you see the heroic act and him grabbing the sword. He’s reluctant to destroy the horcrux but Harry asks him, “Why did you return then?” and so he does it. This scene might disappoint fans who wanted to see a snake-like Harry and Hermione as all you see is just them saying awful things. Riddle!Hermione actually says, “What girl would go for a guy like you?” It’s actually better because visually you can see why Ron would react to this. The kiss is a bit much… I think it was over the top and should have been like the book, but it serves its purpose as Ron destroys the horcrux.

Ron’s return to Hermione is hilarious and also just sweet. It’s funny as it is in the book… Ron comes back all, “I’m back!” and Hermione goes nuts, hitting him and then taking his bag and hitting him. She then calls him an ass! But the sweet moment comes up… the speech about how Ron found his way back. I don’t want to give it away as it should be heard for your own ears but it melts Hermione so much though she still tries to stay mad. There were actually a lot of “awws” in the audience.

Ron trying to get on Hermione’s good side by agreeing about Xeno is just as hilarious as it is in the book. It’s also a good scene when the trio arrives. Funny banter between Ron and Hermione over “twilight” and Hermione asking Ron if he wants to read the story and he tells her no, go ahead. Hermione tells the story and we see sort of a cartoonish version of The Three Brothers but in a sophisticated style. Hard to explain unless you see it yourself.

For those wondering about other great moments. The seven potters is hilarious. Everyone is spot on and just has a lot of fun with it. The ear joke is in there! “How do you feel Georgie?” “Saint like.” The Hermione/Krum dance is cut from the wedding but we see Ron and Hermione staring at each other. When the Death Eaters attack, Ron and Hermione rush to find each other first, then Harry.

This film was definitely made for the fans instead of for the studio. That’s not to say the previous installments were bad, but the fans were disappointed so much by what was left out. By splitting it in two, they could make everyone happy. Again while some of our favorite stuff isn’t as good as we had hoped, the movie is excellent and Rupert’s performance is amazing. Ron isn’t shafted like he has been in the past. If this film doesn’t make fans happy, I’m not sure it ever will!

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