Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 DVD

published 8 April 2011
written by Karo

What a surprise it was when I saw a Tweet last night that the German DVD of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 would not be out on 15th April as previously announced, but today, an entire week earlier!
Of course, after leaving work this morning after my night shift, I went straight to the store and got my copy of the 2-Disc Special Edition! 🙂

While it is not the BluRay with Maximum Movie Mode, this is a pure pleasure. Especially if you’re a Rupert Grint fan.

As you will all have seen the movie, I will not focus on that, but on the extras on this DVD.

We have partly been spoiled over the past few weeks and have already seen quite a good amount of what is on the DVD – but for Rupert fans, the best parts have not been shown!

The first extra is about filming the Seven Potters sequence, most of which we have already seen. What is quite interesting is not only seeing how the scene itself was filmed, but also the short explanation of the technique used to morph one face into another. As David Heyman explains, it would have been impossible to film this scene only five years ago.

Of the Deleted Scenes, the only one we have not seen yet is the “Rabbit Chase”. It is… quite surprising. The scene shows Harry and Ron chasing a rabbit in the forest, until their chase turns into a sequence brotherly fun, which then turns to…
well, I better not spoil it. It is again a fantastic scene of Rupert telling an entire story by moving his face from one emotion to another.

Focus Points are several smaller Making-Ofs, where the filmmakers and actors discuss several scenes from the film, such as Dobby/Kreacher, the Tents, Hagrid’s Motorbike, and – for all us Rupert fans – the Frozen Lake scene.
The latter describes the moments between Ron and Harry from Harry almost being drowned, then saved by Ron until they are about to destroy the locket. A pleasure for every H/R fan!
Dan explains that he enjoyed filming that scene with Rupert as they rarely got to film with just the two of them and a lot of dialogue.
David Yates gives a lovely explanation about why he liked that scene so much, and finally you get to see the part of that very scene that (going by the discussions in our forum) most of us were missing: the exchange between Ron and Harry after the destruction of the Horcrux.

Then there is a clip about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, its developement and the big opening last year; and a feature about Alexandre Desplat‘s soundtracks for the final films (if you have seen the Soundtrack feature on the Ultimate Edition of Goblet of Fire, this is the “missing bit” of the final films).

Finally, there is a behind the scenes featurette of “Dan, Rupert and Emma’s Running Competition” about the scene where they try to flee from the Snatchers. Aside from seeing the trio run around and discuss the scene with David Yates, Emma also talks about Rupert doing a “James-Bond like twist” during the first take. Too bad we are not shown that very shot!

The one feature I have not mentioned yet is the “On the Green with Rupert, Tom, James and Oliver“. In my opinion the best feature I have ever scene on any of the Harry Potter DVDs, because you get to see the four off set beig friends, which is something we have not seen before on this level.
If you are a fan of either of those four, you are absolutely going to love it (Rupert’s fans most of all though…):
Rupert does the introduction to the “On the Green” featurette (looking mighty fine!), and while you have already seen the three interview/award snippets, the best things are yet to come.
Whether it is James making sure that Tom does not leave his club lying about, or Rupert and James talking about Oliver’s “bad” golfing, this featurette will certainly make you laugh.
Yes, we do indeed get to see the four of them golfing and being quite competitive (and discussing why brotherhood has influenced their competitiveness – lol), but there are also little scenes of the Weasley brothers having quite a lot of fun on set, as well as Rupert talking about their plans to participate in the Wacky Rally for RNLI.
To me, this has been the loveliest bit of the Extras, as it shows the four in a very different environment, and in a totally relaxed and funny mood. You will have a lot of fun watching it – and not only because you can catch a glimpse of Rupert’s pink underwear!

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