Review: ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2’ by Tao

published 14 July 2011
written by Tao

Opening this review has to start with the poignant scene of Ron crying over Fred’s dead body. Why? Because I understand the death of a brother. Rupert Grint‘s performance isn’t just magnificent and it’s just not amazing. It is those things but it’s more. In a word: It’s real.

Of course Rupert is masterful in all his scenes. Effortlessly going from comedic to dramatic without ever going overboard. Even when he’s not the focus he’s always acting. Of course if you’re a fan you knew this about him.

My favorite Rupert scenes beside the Fred’s death scene… When Ginny arrives at Hogwarts Ron does this little wave while Harry and Ginny stare at each other. And of course the Chamber of Secret scenes with Emma Watson.

Which brings me to the kiss: amazing. It was sweet. It wasn’t overdone, but it lasted awhile. Rupert and Emma down playing it was all smoke and mirrors. Truly this is the kiss fans have been waiting for. In the screening I went to everyone cheered loudly for this moment.

What about the rest? Like the first half this stuck pretty close to the book. Pretty much everyone’s favorite scenes are in. While there are a few that are missing and we know they filmed, it doesn’t deter away from anything. Ron’s line of “If we die for them, I’ll kill you Harry!”

“Not my daughter, you bitch!” isn’t shouted like in the book, but the way Julie Walters delivers it makes it just as good. It’s subtle, firm, but so powerful. Julie is simply amazing in this scene.

Alan Rickman is more than amazing. They gave Snape a lot of scenes and Alan was flawless. His emotional scenes over Lily are some of the best. Especially his break down at the Potter. And his death? Gruesome. I didn’t expect that. Do not worry of the scene taking place elsewhere because it won’t matter to you after the scene is over.

Maggie Smith as McGonagall is phenomenal. She runs Hogwarts into battle as if she was born to it. It was great to see Maggie in this role, especially confronting Snape and having a comedic moment of her own. “I’ve always wanted to use that spell!”

Helen Bonham Carter is excellent as well. Seeing her as insane Bellatrix is always a treat, but her acting as Hermione acting as Bellatrix? Spot on and shows the range Helena has. The Gringotts scene shows this off to the point of Helena even raising her eyebrows like Emma!

I also liked Warwick Davis having the chance to play a bit of an evil character as well as the lovable Professor Flitwick. It’s not often we get to see him play such a duel role, and he was up to the task.

After Harry’s death when he talks to Dumbledore is very well done. It’s all very white and the baby like Voldermort is a bit gross really.

19 Years Later is short but sweet. Rupert doesn’t look bad at all and he’s so cute holding his arm around little Hugo. This scene really doesn’t disappoint! It was nice to end it with the trio looking on as older adults with kids going to Hogwarts.

This was a great ending to a magnificent series. No review could do it justice for fans. Go see it!

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