Interviews with Rupert Grint

Cherrybomb Interview in Berlin (2009)

Half-Blood Prince in New York (2009)

Deathly Hallows Part 2 in New York (2011)

Into the White in Oslo (2012)

Harry Potter Studio Tour in London (2012)

Olympic Torch Relay (2012)

Phone Interview (2012)

NDCC Interview (2013)

10th Anniversary Interview (2014)

Other Interviews

Glenn Leyburn & Lisa Barros D’Sa (Cherrybomb, 2009)

Petter Naess (Into the White, 2011)

Petter Naess at Berns Hotel (Into the White, 2011)

David Holmes (Cherrybomb, 2009)

Press Conferences

Press Conference (2006)

Press Conference (2007)

Roundtable Discussion (2009)

Press Conference (2010)

Roundtable Discussion with Rupert Grint (2010)

Roundtable Discussion with Emma Watson (2010)

Roundtable Discussion with Daniel Radcliffe (2010)

Roundtable Discussion with Tom Felton (2010)

Roundtable Discussion with David Yates (2010)

Roundtable Discussion with David Heyman & David Barron (2010)

Press Conference Oslo (2012)

Press Conference (2012)

Q&A Sessions

Q&A Berlin Film Festival (2009)

Q&A Dublin Film Festival (2009)

Q&A Belfast Film Festival (2009)

Q&A Los Angeles Film Festival (2009)

Q&A with the Directors in Belfast (2010)

Private Cherrybomb Meet&Greet (2010)

Meet the Actor at Apple Store (2010)

Oldenburg Film Festival (2012)


Belfast Film Festival (2009)

Directors’ Screening (2010)

Work in Progress at Stockholm Film Festival (2011)

World Premiere Introduction (2012)

Colosseum Screening (2012)

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