Transcript: Into the White World Premiere Introduction

published March 2012
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Peter Aalbæk Jensen: In Grotli, Strynefjellet, in Norway. We’re extremely honoured to be here and to be the closing film at the Film Fest Oslo. And whenever we’re finished with the film, we actually get a lot of drinks. There’s a few outside, and we, the Film Fest Oslo and Zentropa, would like to see you get a little bit drunk. Is that alright with you? Okay, that’s fine. I have some great support down here, and that is Scanbox, our Norwegian distributor, a great girl, Inga ???, to have ??? and fought for this film here, and our great publicist for the film, the film company ????, and they have been very great to create this buzz around the film. Personally, I am extraordinarily happy to later on see the producer of the film, Valeria Saunders, to be here on stage. But one person of course is more important than everybody, and if I was a little bit more gay, just a little bit more gay, I would propose to this wonderful gentleman right here in front of you. He’s the fucking greatest director in Norway, and I’m dreaming of him, I am dreaming of him. Please welcome the director Petter Naess!

ITW Intro1Petter Næss: Thank you. Thank you, my friend. Okay, I say… Oh, thank you. Well, I’m not that gay, so… As they say in… as John Cleese says in Fourty Towers, about his manual, “Well, he’s from Barcelona”. He’s from Denmark. But he’s alright. Well, I’ll put these flowers in front here and I tried to make it short and sweet. I’m short, but I’m not that sweet, but I’ll do my best. I’ll introduce you to the cast and the crew, and the head of departments, and first of all I would like to give a big Thanks to Peter Aalbeck, it’s a wonderful encounter to meet you, I’ve seen you, I’ve admired you doing all your natural moves, and I also wanted to work with Danes, and I also wanted to work in Denmark, and now I got to work with a Dane in Norway, and it’s like being a part of the world. Thank you very much.
So, we’re here to see some people on screen, you’ve already seen them, so they can just wait outside – no, I’d like to, I’ll scream out the names and they’ll come running on stage, and then you’ll give them a big hand when they’re all here, okay? Well, first, no, I will not start with the actors, I will start with the producer, Valerie Saunders. She was the one who came to me with this script and with the idea of making this story, so I’m grateful that we’ve pulled this through and pulled it off, and that we have managed to make this movie, so thank you so much, Valerie.
Now, I’m not joking, now I’ll talk about the actors. So here they are: Florian Lukas, David Kross, Stig Henrik Hoff, (known for ???), Lachlan Nieboer and Rupert Grint, known for Cherrybomb. Take a bow, guys. It’s a wonderful cast, and I spent several weeks with them in the mountains and in a remote cabin, and they let me into the cabin and be that sixth person that you luckily don’t see on screen. Now at this point, I’ve been asked to say that there’s a gift to the actors, given to them from Anton Sport and Film Fest Oslo, and I guess you’re ready to give this gift to the actors, so please, enter the stage. Just what they needed… tonight. To get safely and safely back home to that point that Peter just invited us to.ITW Intro2
So now, next, I hope he’s here, I haven’t seen him tonight, but he is a very important person, and that is the write of this film, mister Ole Meldgaard from Denmark, are you coming down? Ole, Denmark. He’s also Danish, but a great guy, and it#s been wonderful to work with you. We collaborated with an American called Dave Mango, who’s unfortunately not here tonight, but together we finished the script that Ole started off, and I’m so thankful and happy for the summary. Thank you, you’re a great guy and a great writer. But first of all a great guy.
And next is the composer, a friend of mine, actually, he became a friend of mine, we did three movies together and three theatre plays. Nils Petter Molvaer. He is not to play his trumpet tonight.
And then our first A.D., Yvonne Lundin, please come on stage. Actually, she’s the producer’s and director’s best friend, and that’s a great combination. And I’ve known her for thirty years and I think I will know her for at least thirty more. Hopefully. And I will work with you for many more years.
The photographer/cinematographer, Daniel Voldheim, who got a daughter three days or so ago. Please come on stage.
I have to say it in English, but I know what ??? is in Norwegian. The gaffer, Olav Haddeland, come along. A wonderful person. And there are so many great men, but I focus on women all the time, but there are so many great men. And here’s one of them. Yes, I had this focus on women all the time, that there’re so many great men as well.
And sound, please, Tomas Naug, come on stage.
And then, I’m so proud that he is here tonight, our line producer, Jan-Erik Gammleng.
And then, a wonderful girl I met for the first time in my life, the editor Frida Eggum Michaelsen. Can you please come? Here she is. So friendly, so helpful, and so talented.
Hm, it will take a while…
And now, the Danish sound guy, sound designer, is that what they call it? Thomas… no, I need my glasses, it’s getting late. Nicolai Linck, from Denmark. They have this wonderful expression in Danish, which I can’t say in English. It’s called “?????”. That’s him. Master of the ????
We have two wonderful German girls, who are unfortunately not here. One is ill, the other one’s in Germany. I don’t know the difference, but… *to Florian* That was bad. That was a bad one. Cheap. Cheap, cheap trip. Steffi Bruhn, costume design, and Kathy Kratschke, who had the makeup design. Give them a big hand.
And last, not least, the production designer, the ever hard-working, wonderful Udo Kramer, can you please come on stage?
ITW Intro3Hopefully I haven’t forgotten too many people, but two people extra I would like to bring on stage I have not announced to them. One of them is a Danish line producer who has been working really, really hard to get this thing off, and that’s Charlotte Vinther, are you here? And find a way on stage. You’ve been wonderful, and helpful and greatful and always calm. And while she’s making her way, you can give her a big hand when she’s here, and I will also bring another person, who has really been supportive like all those of you, and that is the owner of the Grotli Hotel where this whole incident took place. The family Beitheim (?) and the whole hotel there has been so supportive and a great asset to this production, so please, Are Beitheim, can you please come on stage. Without them, and I know that it was very important for you that we made the movie at your place where this accident actually took place, and you knew Horst Schopis, you met him and… yes, thank you
And yes, all the rest of you who have been working on this movie, can you please rise? Can you stand up?
Before we show the movie, I would like to give you all a warm thanks, and to tell you that the family and friends of Horst Schopis, who unfortunately passed away at the age of 98 years – Florian Lukas is playing him, Horst Schopis, he passed away in August, but the family and relatives are here tonight, and I want you all to give them a big hand, I’m so excited.
And – thank you – and I just have to tell you, that’s to the foreign audience here, that this is a Norwegian Film Festival, we only have subtitles for the Norwegians. So the first part you won’t understand because they speak German, and there are no English subtitles, but hopefully you will understand that they are Germans and in the middle of nowhere. Which means Norway.

So, enjoy the film.

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