Transcript: Intro of Cherrybomb at Belfast Film Festival

published April 2009
written by

Lisa Barros D’Sa: Thanks very much for the welcome, it’s really great to be back here at the Belfast Film Festival, and as Michelle said, we showed our first short film here two years ago, I think it was, and it’s wonderful to be back tonight to be screening our first feature. So thank you very much to Michelle and everyone in the festival for supporting Cherrybomb. Some of you know that Cherrybomb had its World Premiere at the Berlin Film Festival last month, which was a magnificent experience, but this was always going to be a very special screening for us, because so many people who made this possible are here in the room, it’s a Belfast film, set here and made here, and there are a lot of people here tonight that we’d really like to thank.
We became involved with Cherrybomb about two years ago, and we are very grateful to Michael Pacey and Michael Kirk for giving us the chance to work on Daragh Carville’s script, and we’d really like to thank our producers at Generator, Marc Huffam and Simon Bosanquet, who made all of this happen and who were fantastic to work with from the start, so thank you to Simon and Marc and to all the guys at Generator both here and in London.BFF
As Michelle said, our three lead actors can’t be here with us tonight, Kim and Robbie are off in L.A. and Rupert is back on the set of Harry Potter for the next year, I think. But they would have loved to be here, they were so well looked after in Belfast, and they had an absolutely marvellous time here as many of you know, and they wanted us to say that they were so sorry they couldn’t make it. I hope you’ll agree when you’ve seen the film that the work that they did was hugely impressive.

Glenn Leyburn: A load of the guys couldn’t come here tonight, but we have several talented cast here, Lalor Roddy and Paul Kennedy. As you may or may not know, the filmmaking process isn’t an easy one, but we were really lucky to have a really talented and dedicated crew who were working on this project through a crazy month of a shoot and beyond that, a real pleasure, and between the tears, we did have some laughs.
We’ve been really fortunate to work with some brilliant people and with some very creative collaborators. The first of which was David Holmes, he not only made us an absolutely amazing soundtrack, but throughout the whole filmmaking process and filming, he was a great friend to us and he’s always been a huge centre of our work. So we’d like to thank David.
We’d also like to thank you brilliant Director of Photography, Damien Elliot, and our long-separated editor Nick Emerson. Nick, we’d describe from the start, he cut our short on the floor of his living room, and on downtime on weekends for free, so we’re really glad that you got paid for this one.
We’d also like to thank Richard Williams, and the Irish Film Board for all their continuous support.
We’re not going to say too much about the film, because we’re all about to watch it, but we’d just like to say: Thanks everybody for coming, it’s great to see my friends and family and crew in the audience, and I hope you’ll enjoy the film.

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