Transcript: Q&A for Into the White at Colosseum Cinema

published March 2012
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Moderator: … and I have to say that I am extremely proud to have two guests here, Stig Henrik Hoff and Colosseum1Rupert Grint!
Please welcome them to the cinema. Rupert, Stig Henrik, congratulation on a great movie. And welcome to Oslo and the Colosseum, Rupert, and this is your first time here. Well, I’ve read in the papers that you have become very good friends during the film production

Stig Henrik:Yeah, it’s really a great pleasure to work with such a nice guy. He’s a fantastic actor, I think, and he’s a real shitty skier. It was a pleasure to meet him and especially to work with him, so yeah…

Moderator: What do you say?

Rupert: Yeah, we’Ve had such a great time as the characters have got quite a lot of scenes together, as you can see in the film, and our relationship is quite a nice thing. And yeah, we spent so much time together on the mountain and, yeah, it was a pleasure to work with Stig

Moderator: Well, Rupert, is this your first film after your eight Harry-Potter movies?

Colosseum2Rupert: Yeah, I guess it is. Yeah, it’s the first one I’ve done since we finished filming.

Moderator: Well, you’ve lived ten years with Harry Potter actually, and do you miss Ron Weasley?

Rupert: I do, yeah. I mean, Harry Potter’s such a… *crows awwws, Rupert chuckles* No, I mean, I think I always will because it was such a huge part of my life and practically my whole childhood. So there are so many great memories, and just to shut it out of my life completely is kind of hard and I’m still getting used to it. But yeah, it’s great to come and do different films and play different roles and, yeah, I’m enjoying that. It’s fun.

Moderator: So this was something completely different I think?

Rupert: Yeah. Yeah, this is kind of what appealed to me the most, really, about doing it, it was the fact that it was just something completely different, in a completely different country, and I loved working in Norway, it was great. Yeah, it was… I just loved the whole experience.

Colosseum3Moderator: Well, I have to ask: What plans do you have now?

Rupert: Erm, yeah, now… I don’t know. I think maybe the next thing may be Eddie the Eagle, about the ski jumper. So more skiing. So yeah, I’m just kind of enjoying making more films and different characters and, yeah, it’s wonderful to do it.

Moderator: And one last question: What do you think about your fantastic audience in here?

Rupert: Yeah, it’s amazing. Thanks for coming, and it’s great to have that kind of support. Cause it’s quite scary coming onto a different film without that kind of safety of Potter, but yeah, I’ve loved being in Norway, it’s such a great country, and hope you will enjoy the film, yeah!

Moderator: We have two signed posters, they are signed by all the actors and the director. And we have two lucky winners, so could you help me, Rupert…

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