Transcript: Rupert Grint at Half-Blood Prince Premiere in New York

published July 2009
written by

Rupert Grint: Hey, how are you? Hey, we have so much to ask about, so, we already know about Cherrybomb and Half-Blood Prince, we want to know how you were approached about Wild Target. Was the script sent to you, or…

Rupert Grint: Yeah, the script was sent to me and, yeah, I really loved the story, and I saw the original as well, cause it’s based on a French one… You saw it as well?

Rupert Grint: Yeah, I did. So, is it kinda like it, or is it completely different, can you say?

HBPRupert Grint: I would say it’s quite similar. I mean, not too similar cause it’s got kind of a different feel. So how did you deal with the French? Can you speak some French for us?

Rupert Grint: Errrr… I’m just kidding! Nice to see you!

Rupert Grint: *laughs* Yeah, see you!

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