Transcript: Rupert Grint at Olympic Torch Relay

published July 2012
written by

We spoke to Rupert Grint after his run with the Olympic Torch: How are you?
Rupert: Yeah, I’m good, yeah. You? How exhausting was it in the heat?
Rupert: It wasn’t too bad, it was a lot downhill, so… I’m not actually a runner, so I was glad to see that downhill. There’s been this rumour that you’ll be doing American Dad soon.
Rupert: Oh, yeah! Can you tell us a bit about that? What kind of character are you voicing?
Rupert: I’m playing a… god, it was a long time ago I did it! I’m playing like an upper-class… erm, it’s a guy, a character Stevie meets on holiday and, yeah, it’s quite fun. It’s fun, yeah. You’ve been nominated for this because of your charity work, so just imagine your birthday is coming up and your fans have decided to support one or two charities. How about you make a call for your fans for any charity you would like them to donate to?
Rupert: Er, I don’t know, there are so many good causes! I think… You can talk straight to the fans!
Rupert: Yeah, I like… Teenage Cancer Trust is really a good thing, for anyone who’s got cancer. Yeah, I think that’s the one it is, to support. Okay! So, good luck!

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