Transcript: Rupert Grint at the Cherrybomb Meet&Greet

published August 2010
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Meet&Greet (1)Moderator: Right, guys, so this is the moment you have been waiting for. You know you’ve got one question each to ask this man right here. So I’m just going to call you name, if you don’t remember your question, I’ll read it for you so that everyone knows what your question is. We’ll start with no particular order. Alicia? Ah, right at the front!

Fan: Hi, can you tell us about the accent?

Rupert Grint: Yeah, I think I’d enjoy any accent, really. The Belfast accent, I wasn’t actually that familiar with it, so I couldn’t say my name. But once I started kind of, we were all out there and sort of working with the crew, I kind of developed it, yeah. It was quite fun, I was really enjoying the accent.

Moderator: Is Nicole here? Ha, right at the front again!

Fan: Everyone loves your hair, so I was wondering what kind of shampoo do you use?

Rupert Grint: I kind of change quite frequently. At the moment it’s Herbal Essence.

Moderator: Is that a good one, Nicole?

Fan: Yes!

Moderator: Lauren. Where is Lauren? Oh, which one? Colin. Not like the vampire. Lauren Colin? Does anybody… Well, I’ll ask the question anyway: If you could have any secret power, what would it be?

Rupert Grint: I don’t know really. Obviously like flying and that stuff would be… maybe like stopping time and go back in time would be fun.

Moderator: Niamh McDuffy.

Fan: What question did I ask?

Moderator: Good question, is that your question? Em, you asked the festivals…

Fan: Oh yeah. What would be like you perfect festival line-up?

Rupert Grint: Yeah, errr…

Moderator: You were at the V-Festival?

Rupert Grint: Yeah, just been back this week. Yeah, I’m going to Reading this weekend, yeah. Good would be Arcade Fire, and the Libertines. I like the Horrors.

Fan: The Horrors are like my favourite band!

Rupert Grint: The Clash. Yeah.

Fan: What about the Black Lips?

Rupert Grint: Oh, the Black Lips, yeah, definitely!

Moderator: Alright, someone else who isn’t here, James Griffins, as a part of the competition he asked Rupert: How does it feel to create such amazing characters in yourself?

Rupert Grint: I don’t know. Yeah, this is what I love about acting really, it’s just being someone else for a bit, that is really quite fun. Yeah, I’m looking forward to more kind of like big characters, or crazy people.

Moderator: Jasmin. Jasmin? Jasmin?? Where is everybody? Not here? Not here? Errr… Jasmin wanted to know: Would you dye your hair for a film role? I’d be very careful on this one…

Rupert Grint: Well, yeah, I’m quite proud of my old ginger. So, I don’t know, I’d think about it. I’d probably do it if it was like a really good role, but yeah, it’d be a big decision.

Meet&Greet (2)Moderator: Is there any colour you wouldn’t dye your hair?

Rupert Grint: Erm…

Fan: Pink.

Rupert Grint: I don’t know, well, pink… No, there isn’t. I’d do anything.

Moderator: Right, any colour. Heather. I know you’re here, right at the back.

Fan: Have you ever had like any weird experience at the festivals, like someone seen you dressed up as an animal?

Rupert Grint: Yeah, erm. The animal masks do attract a strange kind of behaviour from everyone. Last year, I was a horse, and a lot of people tried to ride me. They picked me up and… yeah. This year, I was a duck and… same kind of problem, really.

Moderator: What was your thought behind going as a horse and a duck?

Rupert Grint: No, there wasn’t a lot of choice. There was a cow, a raven, yeah, it was close to that.

Moderator: Fantastic. Rose? Hi there.

Fan: Working on Cherrybomb and Harry Potter, which was your favourite overall, and why?

Rupert Grint: I don’t know, they’re all kind of… I’ve enjoyed them all really. It’s hard to pick just one. I think Thunderpant as well… yeah, that was quite good fun, that was my first kind of experience with a different film and, yeah, obviously Harry Potter has been an amazing part of my life and it’s quite weird saying goodbye to them, but yeah, I’ve just… I don’t know…

Moderator: How are you going to say goodbye to Harry Potter when it happens. Are you just gonna be “Ha, duh!”, or is it, are you going to celebrate?

Rupert Grint: Yeah, actually we had like a little wrap party, when we actually finished a couple of months ago. Yeah, and it was quite sad, we were all quite moved by it, so… Yeah, but we’re all going to stay in touch and it won’t be over for a while, so…

Moderator: Nicole? Nicole Hikey?

Fan: That was me.

Moderator: That was good! Alicia… Do you wanna pick one, Rupert? Ah, no, errr… Evie. Evie?

Fan: That’s me.

Moderator: Yes, at the back.

Fan: Are you choosing different roles, but are they deliberatly from Ron Weasley…?

Rupert Grint: Erm, yeah, I suppose, it’s not that I consciously know, they just kind of happen, the kind of come at a convenient time, cause usually it’s quite hard to fit stuff in in-between kind of the Potter schedule. So yeah, Cherrybomb happened to be just in this space of like a week, and that was kind of what attracted me to it, a really kind of different character, and yeah, hopefully I’m gonna try and do more of that.

Moderator: Rosie Elisabeth… Yeah, straight in there. Bang.

Fan: Obviouly, Cherrybomb was released after the online petition, what would you like to petition for or against?

Rupert Grint: Whawow… I don’t know actually. I don’t know, I’m not sure, that’s quite a hard question. Errr…

Moderator: Any bad habits that you don’t like? That you would like to petition for people to not do that again. Like people picking nose, walking really slowly behind someone you like “Come on, get out of the way”.

Rupert Grint: No, I don’t really have many things that annoy me. I’m quite laid-back, so… I’ve never thought that strongly about any kind of habit, so… Yeah, I’ll keep thinking about it.

Fan: Thank you!

Moderator: Alex Holmes.

Fan: Yes. If you could have one thing out of Harry Potter and make it real, what would it be, and why?

Rupert Grint: Oh, there’s so many things. The Invisibility Cloak would be really cool. And the flying car as well, that would be quite terrifying, but it would be good as well. Yeah, and just like a wand, really, yeah.

Moderator: Jamie. Jamie Tussle?

Fan: Now that you’ve done Cherrybomb, do you have any more upcoming roles or plans for the future?

Rupert Grint: Yeah, nothing kind of really definite yet. I’ve just been enjoying time off really. Yeah, I might do the Eddie the Eagle film, so that would be quite fun if that happens, but yeah, I’ll just wait and see really.

Meet&Greet (3)Moderator: You have to learn to ski to do that.

Rupert Grint: I don’t know, I’ve never skied in my life, so…

Moderator: But if they ask you to do that, there’s no way around that.

Rupert Grint: I know. But is it difficult?

Fan: No.

Moderator: Skiing? Is it quite difficult?

Fan: Yes. No. Well, if you’ve never done it…

Moderator: But he will be fine… Gemma. Is Gemma here? Yeah.

Fan: Which of the characters that you’ve played are you most alike?

Rupert Grint: Erm, I don’t know. I’ve always, with everyone I’ve felt I could relate to some aspect. With Ron, I’ve always kind of particular felt a strong connection to Ron. But, yeah, obviously being ginger was just the main thing to sympathise with… But yeah, I think, Ben in Driving Lessons, the part that I was kind of growing up with, but obviously I’ve got quite a different kind of growing up experience, so it was sometimes kind of hard to relate to that. Yeah, that’s pretty much it.

Moderator: Somebody couldn’t make it today. Emma said: What inspired you to become an actor? I’m sure you get asked that all the time, but what was it that made you say “I want to be an actor, I want to play these great roles, to become different characters”?

Rupert Grint: Yeah, it was quite… I never really, I’ve always had an interest in acting, always did school plays and stuff, I never really saw it as, like, a job or I never really thought it could be a carreer at all, I just… I had other ideas of what I wanted to be… an ice cream man, and I wanted to be a hat designer at one point. Yeah, it was never kind of like a… it was never really something I was quite conscious of, but yeah, obviously since the first Harry Potter film, I thought that I could maybe…

Moderator: Got a taste of it?

Rupert Grint: Yeah.

Moderator: And you say ice cream man. Do you mean the cool guys who play the tunes and just make your evenings the best ever? One of those guys?

Rupert Grint: Yeah, yeah. One of those people.

Moderator: No way! Jules asked, which continues on lovely, what is your favourite kind of ice cream?

Rupert Grint: Yeah, yeah, it’s pretty much a 99, it’s classic.

Moderator: With the flake?

Rupert Grint: Yeah, the flake.

Moderator: Do you eat the flake first? Or do you push the flake in like a tree, to the bottom? Do you know what I mean?

Rupert Grint: Yeah. No, I’ve never done that, actually.

Moderator: Seriously? You eat the flake first?

Rupert Grint: Around the flake.

Moderator: Around the flake? And then where does it go?

Rupert Grint: Well, there comes a point where I eat the flake, so…

Moderator: Right. Ryan. Ryan Partner.

Fan: Okay.

Moderator: Hi Ryan.

Fan: Hi. I was just wondering, what was your favourite film this year and last year.

Rupert Grint: Erm, oh yeah… Toy Story 3? That was the last one I saw, yeah, it was actually quite emotional.

Meet&Greet (4)Moderator: Did you not almost cry at the end?

Rupert Grint: I was quite moved. But I held back tears. Erm. What else… there’s been quite a few this year. Precious was really cool. Yeah.

Moderator: What was your favourite film this year, Ryan?

Fan: Without television? (not understandable)

Rupert Grint: Yeah, that was good.

Moderator: Yeah, Grace. Are you Grace? Hi.

Fan: Was there anything in particular that drew you to this role or project, like the script or the directors?

Rupert Grint: Yeah, I think it is kind of most of those things. It just felt like a different kind of role, really and just, like the accent, it seemed like such a challenge as well, which was quite fun. Yeah, and obviously the script as well was kind of a good script and, yeah, it was just… and it came at the right time as well, and, yeah, it was nice.

Moderator: Okay, I know I’m going to pronounce this wrong, I’m so sorry, you live in Germany. Karo?

Fan: Karo.

Moderator: Yes.

Fan: When was the moment when you for yourself decided to become an actor, and not just have acting as a hobby like, as you said, in the first few Harry Potter films?

Rupert Grint: I don’t know really, cause it’s kind of like I always had an interest in acting, just kind of doing school plays and stuff, and I really got a buzz out of it. Yeah, I think it was just kind of being on set on the first Harry Potter film, which is just such a crazy place to be and is just really exciting. And yeah, I just really loved it.

Moderator: Errr… Maleen?

Fan: Malene.

Moderator: Malene?

Fan: Yeah. If you could make a documentary about anything, what would it be about, and why?

Rupert Grint: Hmmm…

Moderator: Think of ice cream…

Rupert Grint: Yeah. Yeah, maybe some sort of ice cream theme… I’m not sure.

Moderator: The life and times, maybe you could become the ice cream man that you always wanted to be.

Rupert Grint: Yeah!

Moderator: Anna.

Fan: Oh, that’s me.

Moderator: Yeah!

Fan: What was my question? Oh. What was the best thing someone did for you when they didn’t have to?

Moderator: Good question.

Fan: Good one, don’t you agree?

Moderator: What’s the best thing someone has ever done for you when they didn’t have to?

Fan: Exactly.

Rupert Grint: Erm. I don’t know. It is quite tricky, yeah.

Moderator: Aside from the fact that everyone has brought you so many amazing presents.

Rupert Grint: Yeah, I know, the presents are amazing. Erm. Yeah, I suppose like, when people send you things, that’s really cool. Like letters and yeah, that’s what I really like.

Moderator: Thank you. Isabel?

Fan: What was your favourite scene to film in Cherrybomb?

Rupert Grint: Yeah, there’s quite a few really, I think the stuff in the swimming pool was quite fun, like fighting Rob into the water was really cool. It was quite hard going into the pool cause it was quite a cold day, but yeah, all the scenes in the swimming pool were good fun. And the one where we were doing the smoking, the smoking the joint scene, we were all kind of laughing. That was quite fun as well.

Moderator: Was there – I’ve only seen the trailer, but – oooooh – but it looks incredible, but that scene where you’ve got blood all over your face, was that… what was it like being in a… how long were you in that makeup for? I mean, I suppose it wasn’t real?

Rupert Grint: No. Yeah, I get beaten up at the end, actually I wasn’t in it for long, we kind of did it like, shooting down, I think. It’s actually really tasty, so… it’s made out of sugar, so…

Moderator: Erm, and Alex. Porter.

Fan: Obviously the role was… you had to lower your inhibitions. Was that, do you feel more comfortable doing films, I mean Wild Target, you’re obviously in a bit of a bath, so you’re not …. anymore or…?

Rupert Grint: I don’t know, it depends. So far, it’s been quite tame, I think. But yeah, I’m pretty much up for anything really. Probably anything. But yeah, it’s just kind of… the bath scenes were quite, quite embarrassing, actually. But yeah, it’s just quite fun, actually.

Meet&Greet (5)Moderator: So one more of the planned questions, Emma Fey.

Fan: I was just wondering, who speaks the most: Robert Sheehan or Daniel Radcliffe?

Rupert Grint: Yeah, it was quite even in match, I think. I don’t know. Probably Robbie. He’s definitely louder, in volume, yeah.

Moderator: That is all of the questions. Does anyone have a question… *laughter* I’ll just finish the sentence… What’s your name?

Fan: Sharon.

Moderator: Sharon.

Fan: If you could play any character – male or female – in Harry Potter, who would you be?

Rupert Grint: Male or female? Yeah, erm…

Moderator: A challenge.

Rupert Grint: Yeah. I don’t know. I’ve always… I don’t know, I’ve always…

Moderator: What’s going on at the back there?

Rupert Grint: Voldemort’s always been quite cool. But female, I’d like to be

Fan: What about Mrs. Weasley?

Rupert Grint: Yeah, she’s cool. Bellatrix as well. She’s got nice costumes. Erm. Yeah.

Fan: Would you shave off your hair to play Voldemort?

Rupert Grint: Would I shave my head?!

Fan: Yeah, to play Voldemort.

Rupert Grint: Oh, I don’t know. I don’t think Ralph Fiennes shaved his hair off, I think… maybe he does… Yeah. Yeah, okay, I would. My hair grows back really quickly anyways…

Moderator: Do we have anymore questions? At the back there, I can barely see, but your arm’s in the way now.

Fan: Is that me?

Moderator: Yeah.

Meet&Greet (6)Fan: What should I call my baby?

Rupert Grint: What? What was that again?

Fan: What should I actually call my baby?

Moderator: No pressure…

Fan: And it might be ginger as well, that’s the point.

Rupert Grint: It might be ginger?

Fan: Yeah, it might be ginger cause we have lots of gingers in the family.

Rupert Grint: Really?

Moderator: Have you ever had to name a baby before?

Rupert Grint: No.

Moderator: This is the first? Amazing!

Rupert Grint: Erm. Oh, wow. When’s the due date? Not today?

Fan: Yeah, I haven’t got a clue what to name her.

Moderator: Is this just a suggestion, or is this…

Fan: I’m not going to call her… No just from… I just need suggestions on what to call my baby

Rupert Grint: Erm…

Moderator: 23 is a good number, but

Rupert Grint: I’d call it the weird names, though. Errr…

Fan: You just add things like Xavier and things like it.

Rupert Grint: Yeah, I… obviously I’ve got quite a few animals, so I’m thinking of them.

Moderator: What kind of animals?

Rupert Grint: Two donkeys, Shakespeare and Pandora.

Fan: Actually I was thinking of Shakespeare.

Rupert Grint: Shakespeare is quite good. Erm. I don’t know. When we were naming the donkeys, I was quite keen on Omelette.

Moderator: Has anyone not asked a question? Everyone got a quesiton?

Fan: I was wondering, if you’d have dinner with five people dead or alive, who would it be?

Moderator: Five? Maxi-meal!

Rupert Grint: Erm. Dizzie Rascal. Mother Theresa. What else? The Queen. This is really strange.

Moderator: Yeah, it’s like Come dine with me! The Queen, Mother Theresa, Dizzie Rascal, what a… and the scoring with meal.

Rupert Grint: Erm, I don’t know. How many…

Meet&Greet (7)Moderator: That were three.

Rupert Grint: Sid Vicious. Erm. One more, one more.

Moderator: Anyone in the world, dead or alive.

Fan: Me.

Rupert Grint: Yeah. What else… yeah, you can come as well.

Moderator: Is there anyone who hasn’t asked a question? You asked, yes, you did, trying to sneak in. Did you? Okay, go for it.

Fan: I want to know, what did you think of Daniel Radcliffe’s portrayal of Ron Weasley in the Seven Potters scene in Deathly Hallows?

Rupert Grint: Erm, I haven’t actually…

Moderator: Did you give him any advice like…

Rupert Grint: Yeah. Yeah, he kind of had trouble with my walk, actually. Cause I have quite… I move my pelvis quite a lot, actually. So that… I haven’t actually seen it yet. I think he’s going to try and exaggerate that.

Moderator: He told you your pelvis walk?

Rupert Grint: No, it was when we were filming the scene, Dan kind of wanted to watch me walk and he kind of imitated it and is moving the pelvis… Yeah, I wasn’t really conscious about it at the time, but got a couple of compliments. But I’m quite looking forward to seeing it, it’ll be quite fun.

Moderator: Someone at the back there has another question?

Fan: … But I was wondering if it was difficult to make a transition between a child-actor and like, an actor taking on serious roles?

Rupert Grint: Yeah, it’s weird, I haven’t noticed it really. Just for myself, I’ve taken it more seriously now, and I remember at the first few films, it was just playing, really, I wasn’t kind of aware of it at the time. But yeah, it does, at this time around now, I’m more aware of it, so yeah, it’s going to be interesting.

Moderator: Does anyone else have another question? Yeah, go for it.

Fan: I was wondering, what do you do on your birthday?

Rupert Grint: I don’t know, actually. I haven’t really got… I’m doing, obviously I’m doing Reading next weekend, I don’t know if it will be too crazy, but, yeah, I’m not sure. It’s the first time I’m actually – on my birthday – cause usually, I’m always filming on my birthday, so it’s going to be…

Moderator: Maybe you’ll get down?

Rupert Grint: No, I usually get cake though…

Moderator: I don’t know if it’s bad luck to sing Rupert Happy Birthday before tomorrow, I don’t know if that’s… Are there any singers in the room? You’re saved. Anyone else got a question?

Meet&Greet (8)Fan: Who’s your favourite red-headed person, apart from Ron?

Rupert Grint: My favourite what?

Fan: Ginger.

Rupert Grint: Ginger person?

Fan: Apart from yourself and Ron, obviously.

Rupert Grint: Yeah… I have to say, Co… Is Conor here?

Fan: No.

Rupert Grint: Oh. Yeah, it would have been Conor, yeah. I don’t know, who else? I can only think of Chris Evans. Who else is ginger?

Moderator: That is very well then. Anyone else has suggestions? You are some ginger…

Fan: Nicole Kidman?

Rupert Grint: Oh, yeah!

Fan: *more suggestions come in*

Moderator: I have to say, one more question before the guy has to go and I know that some people have asked the quesiton already, you’re waving so fancy at the back there, you’ve already asked a question. Make sure it is a question!

Fan: Is it true you have pigs? Please tell me how that works, that’d be amazing.

Moderator: That’s a good question…

Rupert Grint: Oh man.

Moderator: Is it true you’ve got pigs?

Rupert Grint: Well, yeah, we’ve got pigs. They’re not tamable though. They’re like – they’re supposed to be miniature pigs. They’re kind of this big, kind of normal-sized now. Yeah, but they’re good fun. They’re cool.

Moderator: And what did you name them? Have you named them? Shakespeare and Pandora?

Rupert Grint: Yeah, this was Oscar and Stanley, but Oscar actually sort of died. Earlier this year, yeah.

Moderator: Calling one last question. Is there anyone who hasn’t asked a question? You had your hand upthere, no behind you.

Fan: I was actually wondering if you’ve ever met Tim Burton and what your favourite film is.

Rupert Grint: Yeah, I have. I’ve met him a couple of times cause he’s married to Helena. Yeah, I kind of… I really liked Edward Scissorhands. That was probably my favourite of his, yeah.

Moderator: Ladies and gentlemen, that is it. That brings us to an end. I’m sure you’d like to show your appreciation of Rupert. …so thank you very much!

Rupert Grint: Yeah, thanks!

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